Meet Our Stylists: Gabrielle Garrison

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Gabrielle Garrison


Gilbert, AZ

Hobbies outside the salon

I love going to the gym, going to the lake and surfing, and I have a new found love for reading.

How long have you been doing hair?

4 years

How long have you been with Bronde Blvd Salon?

Almost a year and a half

What is your style/aesthetic?

Bright blondes and any lived in look

What are your favorite hair services to do for clients?

I’m definitely a blonding type of girl! Whether it be a max foil or just adding a little bit of pop to your hair in there for it! I also LOVE doing extensions, you can never go wrong with a little more hair.

What is your favorite thing about Bronde Blvd Salon?

I love the uplifting environment that I have there I feel like I have everyone backing me up and encouraging me to be the best I can be each and every day!


What makes you unique as a stylist at Bronde Blvd Salon?

I’m all about the little details! Whether it be perfecting a cut so it sits just how you like it or adding some dimension to make your blonde pop a little more I’m all about it, so don’t be surprised if I ask a million questions in our consultation 😉